Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Boxer: An In Depth Look Into A Perfect Dog Breed

Author: Mark stimpson

In recent years, many people are becoming more familiar with the Boxer dog breed. More and more families are choosing to bring this unique dog breed into their homes and make them a part of the family. There are many reasons such a wide variety of families are choosing the Boxer dog breed, from the look or the dog to the personality. Here is a deeper look into a dog breed that is sweeping the nation with its affection and popularity.
Boxers are generally a very happy dog breed, which is why many families decide to bring them into their homes. On average, when a Boxer is well socialized they can do great in homes with children and other animals. A Boxer is on the top of the charts with the ability to learn quickly and their desire to please.
They do require a substantial amount of exercise as they are extremely energetic dogs. You will learn quickly if your Boxer is not getting enough mental stimulation. He or she will begin to find things to keep it entertained, this can be chewing on your favorite shoes to eating a leg off of your chair. Stimulation is key to keeping this dog breed happy.
One of the most notable aspects noted in the Boxer dog breed profile is their playful attitude and their ability to be great protectors. The Boxer can be the perfect dog for all scenarios. From being in the yard frolicking with the children to protecting the home from an intruder. However, it is vital that a Boxer is taught from the beginning his boundaries.
Make sure you are clear with your expectations for this dog breed. They can be set in their ways if you do not continue to maintain your status as "top dog" with them. A Boxer must be given rules to follow and have those rules reinforced, otherwise you will have a large dog breed taking over your home.
According to the Boxer dog breed profile, a Boxer is a large dog that weighs between 63-70 pounds depending on the sex of the dog. The are agile and attentive, and they stand between 22-25 inches tall. As they age, this dog breed is prone to some health related issues. Some of the most common aliments in the Boxer breed are thyroid issues, tumors, epilepsy, flatulence and hip dysplasia.
If you plan on bringing a Boxer into your family, you can expect to have a faithful companion for the next 11-14 years. Boxers are loyal companions that enjoy spending quality time with their pack leader. Running in the yard, going for walks and even fetching a ball. They require minimal groom, a brushing with a hard bristle brush a few times a week. They do not require a lot of bathing, only when they need it. Over bathing can cause skin conditions in Boxers. This is a dog breed that does not shed excessively, but they do shed.

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About the AuthorIf you are looking for a loyal companion? some one who is good with the family and loves playing around, then the boxer dog is the dog for you. To find out more on this brilliant dog breed or to read about any other dog breeds, visit our website where we have hundereds of dog breed profiles.

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