Thursday, October 14, 2010

Things To Look For When Buying A Puppy

First, take a look at  how well the puppys' are kept (are they clean is the kennel clean) for this is a important factor in their health, appearance and well being. The best time to get a puppy is between the eighth and twelfth week (no more no less) because you want it to be fully weaned and you don't want to start the training to late. Another important factor, is the puppy's coat shiny and smooth, eyes clear, straight legs and back is he alert. The first worming and immunizations should have already been done with the records for the puppy most of the reliable breeders and pet stores will have this already done and if you plan to breed or show the dog a registered pedigree with the American Kennel Club ( akc papers is a must ). You can do without the AKC papers if your new boxer puppy is just going to be a family, watchdog and your loyal-true friend. Remember when lifting your puppy up use two hands one at the chest and the other to support the rear end, very important. Until next time Boxers for life...

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