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Boxer Dog Weight - Learn About It

Learn About Boxer Dog Weight

                    Many people who are interested in getting boxer dogs like these dogs because of their temperament. Boxers are well-known for being friendly, affectionate, and attentive. Plus, boxer dogs are great around children-they have an abundance of patience and will tolerate a lot of not-so-perfect behavior from kids who are learning how to deal with dogs.

    People thinking about getting a boxer do need to realize, however, that boxers are very energetic. Boxer dogs need a great deal of activity every day. Throughout their entire lives boxers tend to act quite boisterous, although they do settle down somewhat at about the time they reach age 3 or 4. This energy and activity is what helps keep boxer dog weight where it needs to be. So, anyone considering getting a boxer must be willing to provide this exercise on a daily basis-or, at least, have other family members willing to help out in exercising the vigorous pup.

    What should a boxer dog weight be?

    There are variances, of course. Just as with any animal, there can be small boxers and there can be boxer dogs that are much larger than the standard for the breed says that the boxer dog weight should be. However, here are the breed standards as a basis for comparison:

    Boxer dog weight for males: 65 lbs to 75 lbs (30 kgs to 34 kgs)

    Boxer dog weight for females: 50 lbs to 60 lbs (23 kgs to 27 kgs)

    It is also wise to keep the breed standards for height in mind. This is because if your dog is extra short for a boxer yet on the higher end of the boxer dog weight standard, for example, you may need to work on having him lose a little weight. Here are the breed standards for height:

    Boxer dog height for males: 22 in. to 25 in. (56 cm to 63 cm)

    Boxer dog height for females: 21 in. to 23.5 in. (53 cm to 60 cm)

    Exercising with your Boxer

    As stated above, in order to keep your boxer dog weight within the acceptable range, you must exercise with the boxer every day. This doesn't mean tying the boxer on a running line in the backyard or letting him out the back door into a fenced yard. Boxers want human companionship and will not thrive if they do not get it. In other words, your boxer dog wants to spend time with you, being active and playful with you-not simply running around in an empty back yard by himself.

    Taking daily walks is a great way to spend time together and to maintain boxer dog weight. You can walk anywhere-around the neighborhood, at a local dog park, on a hiking trail, at the beach (make sure it is one at which dogs are allowed), or anywhere else you can think of. Your dog will appreciate the variety in scenery, and the variety of terrains will work his muscles and keep the boxer dog weight under control.

    Other than walks, you can also play with your dog-tossing and fetching toys is a fun activity that many boxers enjoy, for example.

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