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Hi everyone, this is a new page  I'm adding so that we can post Boxers that need a new home, I'm going to be posting the complete info on the Boxer dog or dogs in need of the new and loving home. Do not inquire on any Boxer unless You are 110% sure, OK with that said "Love your Boxer"

Ginny's Pet Rescue

I have started fostering Boxers that I rescued from NC and SC recently.  I partner with Double Dog Rescue in CT and they did the vetting.  2 have already been adopted and the 3rd is being treated for HW and has an adopter and should go home towards the end of December.  I just wanted let others know that I would foster for them.

Virginia Harvell

You can contact Ginny's Pet Rescue at :

NEEDS LOVING HOME: Whiskey: 8 yr old BOXER - Columbia, SC

 Contact Info: Jason Bloch 239.292.7726 800.887.2099 (fax) jasonbloch@ <>  < <> >

We are looking for a good and loving home for Whisky, an 8 year old male Boxer. He is fawn and has floppy ears and a docked tail. Whisky is a rescue dog; we got him from a girl who rescued him from animal control after he was picked up off the street when he was just under a year old. He is micro-chipped and is neutered as well. Whisky is a really good and loyal dog. He is a great watch dog with a big bark that is louder than his bite, and he still gets goofy and excited like a typical Boxer when we come home. It takes him a little longer to get up and stretch out, but other than that you wouldn’t know he’s 8 years old.

We have two young children who Whisky loves and has been very good with. Whisky generally will put up with a lot but doesn’t always like to be jumped on or grabbed by kids who are not much taller than him, and as a result he recently nipped our daughter when she surprised him from behind. It wasn’t serious but we just can’t take the chance of an accident happening with more serious results. We can’t keep Whisky but he has a lot of love to give. The local rescue shelters are full and we obviously don’t want him to go back to animal control. That’s where he came from and we owe him more than that. He is loved and it is heart-breaking that it has come to this, so we are desperately seeking someone who may be looking for a good friend who can love him. He is not friendly with most dogs, so ideally he would go to a home where he is the only dog. If you know of someone that may be interested please let us know.

Thank you! Jason & Stephanie Bloch,

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